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Stan Smith II is the proud owner of Iron Sharp K9. Since 2015, he has trained a variety of dog breeds from mini Aussies to Great Danes and everything in between. He understands that each dog has its own way of processing the things we are trying to communicate to them. Some dogs love treats, some are ball crazy, and others just need a belly rub and praise. All dogs are born with the ability to do any task that we want them to, we just have to find a way to effectively communicate what we want to them in a way that they understand.

Iron Sharp K9 believes in rewarding positive behaviors and correcting negative behaviors. Stan does not use e-collars or any type of shock collars to train. It is important that your dog learns in a positive way so that they are excited to work for you. 


Stan has worked with agility handlers, Danish Military handlers, and even appeared on the first season of America’s Top Dog on A&E with his dog, Rocko! In October 2021, Stan and his dog Annie Oakley won the Space Coast Police K9 Competition, as one of the only civilians competing.His mission is to help dog owners in Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond build a better bond with their dog through training. Stan understands that your dog is a member of your pack and is here to help you both on your training journey!


Meet Stan

Learn more about Stan, his journey and his training philosophy in this Shoutout DFW feature!

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